Ramie Bains

Ramie Bains

Business Manager

Ramie has over a decade of Business experience in the design, transport, manufacturing, and HR sectors, with a strong track record in designing and implementing business strategies, policies, infrastructures, and operations processes.

Ramie’s background in design and her interest in Business started whilst working at the London Business School, which led her to study for her Master’s in Design Management (MDes), where she was able to hone her creative and human-centred approach to problem-solving, business development, leadership, global cultures, and Innovation. Taking this knowledge, over the last 12 years, Ramie has successfully been running various Startups to SMEs from the ground up, being part of the founding team of now-established global brands who are now employing over 50+ and, more recently, working with clients such as TFL and Mace Group; Ramie often being referred to as the ‘go-to person’.

Ramie operates with design thinking and a business design approach, focusing on how every element of our business model affects the end user and client experience with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

“Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes – and even strategy.” (Brown, 2008)


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