NHF Code of Governance 2020

Campbell Tickell is delighted to have supported the development of the new Code of Governance, which has accountability, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and assurance at its core.

The 2020 Code of Governance is designed to help housing associations achieve the highest standards of governance and board excellence.


At its heart are four principles which shape the content of the code, each amplified by a set of more detailed requirements:

  • Mission and values
  • Strategy and delivery
  • Board effectiveness
  • Control and assurance

The code is designed to cater for the diversity within the housing sector, and those adopting it should apply it in a way that fits the size, complexity and scale of their organisation. All housing associations are being called on to adopt the code by 31 March 2021.

Ceri Victory-Rowe, Senior Consultant at Campbell Tickell, commented on its importance:

The point of a bespoke code of governance for housing associations is to support the invaluable social purpose at the heart of the sector. It exists to protect tenants, investment in social housing, and the reputation of the sector as a whole.

Read the code

How can we help?

The new 2020 NHF Code is substantially different to previous versions and is intended to set stretching expectations.  We know it inside out, and can offer support ranging from an assessment of compliance with the new code, through to training on its content or facilitated discussion of the specific themes within the code and their implications for the work of Boards.

To find out more, or to discuss any other governance needs, please contact:


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We are a values-based business and firmly place the positioning of our support and challenge on helping organisations to attain change that is well thought through, planned and sustainable. At CT, we want to help organisations create the landscape within which we ourselves would like to exist: fair, inclusive, diverse, engaged and transparent. We build from our values in how we approach all our work as a practice.

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