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It is important that organisations use services such as this, to prepare themselves for imminent regulatory change.

Colvin A Fraser, Voids Manager
London Borough of Hackney

I recently attended A Webinar organised by CT, “Organisational culture in a turbulent world”. The event was very well organised, the content was very thought provoking and there were many ‘take-aways’ for me personally. Tracey McEachran in particular, was a fantastic speaker and the whole hit the spot with me. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Matt Cooney, Director
Community Housing

CT’s recent webinar on Organisational culture in a turbulent world was a great opportunity to learn the value from HAIL of the CT CultureScan. Reminding me of the importance to carry out this type of review to ensure that a Strategic Plan is underpinned by solid data. Francesca Stanyer, Policy and Research Manager at CT provided some insightful statistics and information to back up the approach ensuring that organisations are focusing on the right areas. It reminded me that in order to get an honest response this needs to be an exercise not carried out internally.

Jo Sedley-Burke, Non-Executive Director
Norwich City Services

With presentations from housing organisations and Campbell Tickell, this was a timely reminder of the importance of culture, especially in the context of change, and the pitfalls of overlooking it. It was specifically helpful for us at Coastal Housing in the context of planned merger and being mindful of culture from the outset. Overall, it was well worth an investment of an hour’s time; the webinar was well planned and covered a lot with a good opportunity for Q & A.

Debbie Green
Coastal Housing Group

You are a great facilitator, Deb [Bannigan]. Love your approach including your humour and how you relate ideas/feedback to practice/real life experience or insight.

Jenny Neville, Executive Director of Corporate Services

In an increasingly pressurised sector, the benefits of kind communication are clear for all to see. James Tickell and Tracey McEachran delivered an excellent session on this for Connexus as part of our leadership development programme. This will be invaluable for our leaders in tackling the challenges ahead, and creating wellbeing for tenants and all colleagues alike.

Richard Woolley, Chief Executive


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