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Campbell Tickell (CT) operates across the UK and Ireland as a recognised leader in governance consultancy services to charities, public sector and arms-length bodies (ALBs), and social landlords (including housing associations, local authorities, Arm’s Length Management Organisations and for-profit registered providers).

We think that while good governance can be understood through the lens of compliance, and the presence of core governance hygiene factors (such as appropriate structure, good quality reporting, and so on), great governance is proactive, aspirational, and reflective – with the Board playing a meaningful role with demonstrable impact. We believe that achieving great governance is a continual process of evolution and improvement in response to both internal and external contexts, and we specialise in helping Boards realise their full potential.

Having established a strong profile in supporting Boards and executive teams across different sectors, we bring currency of knowledge, professionalism and innovation to our work. Our expertise stems not only from our extensive governance work across sectors, with many different types and size of organisation, but from our sector-wide contributions which include writing codes of governance and working with various regulators on a range of matters.

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Board appraisal exercises can feel intensive. We can offer support ranging from a very light touch to more in-depth assistance to Boards and their chairs which might encompass designing appraisal processes, supporting Chairs to undertake appraisal conversations, and evaluating and reporting themes emerging from these. We are also highly experienced at assessing the skills Boards need and helping to identify any gaps which need to be addressed through recruitment or training.

For organisations with the facility to pay Board members, we can provide benchmarking data and advice on what is most appropriate in respect of market norms.

We have considerable expertise in helping to develop effective Board dynamics, and the dynamics of relationships between Boards and senior staff teams.

We have an in-depth understanding of a range of codes of governance and can provide a detailed or high-level assessment of compliance with these codes, helping to identify and make recommendations where there are areas for improvement as well as recognising where good practice is already demonstrated.

We have a pool of interims and can offer either long-term or short-term for company secretarial functions.

Our governance work takes us to many Board and Executive away days as facilitators, helping to open up good conversations and develop corporate strategy and approaches to risk.

We are experienced in offering a wide range of Board development workshops and webinars. We also provide training for Executive Teams on how to work most effectively with their Boards.

It is important that organisations periodically seek external assurance about the quality of their governance, and many codes of governance require this. We bring to these reviews our extensive understanding of good governance practice in a range of contexts, and tailor our advice to the unique circumstances and priorities of each client.

We’re exposed to a wide range of governance operating models and can offer advice on the risks and opportunities of subsidiary entities. We can help a Group Board think through its oversight responsibilities, including how best to absorb effective reporting up from subsidiaries. Some organisations will struggle with excessively complex group structures, and we have experience in helping to think through how best to bring simplicity to these governance operating models.

In addition, we have carried out many reviews of committee structures for clients, whether as stand-alone exercises or as part of our Board evaluation and effectiveness reviews.

We are highly experienced at supporting and advising organisations in all sorts of adverse or sensitive situations. Our work is typically focused on helping our clients to understand what has happened, why it happened (including the extent to which systemic factors are at play), and what needs to happen next to avoid any further similar issues.

For new Chairs, or Chairs and CEOs navigating how to get the best out of their relationship, we are skilled in providing targeted support to help bring out the best in people’s natural leadership styles.

Writing governance policies and procedures based on our knowledge of good practice across a wide range of organisations and tailored to your individual needs.

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Governance & Strategy

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