Campbell Tickell’s Sustainability Statement

At Campbell Tickell, we acknowledge our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. As a consultancy and recruitment service provider primarily to charitable, not-for-profit, and public sector organisations, and a certified B Corporation, we recognise the importance of aligning our practices with the high standards expected by clients and regulatory bodies.

We are committed to continuously monitoring and reducing the environmental footprint of our operations. We aim to raise awareness among employees, suppliers, contractors and clients regarding environmental concerns arising from our business activities.


Our commitments

We seek to minimise the impact we have on the environment in the following ways.

  1. Employee awareness: We ensure our staff and consultants stay updated on current environmental issues and legislation.
  2. Local consultants: Where travel to client premises will be required, so far as possible we select consultants who are based within easy reach.
  3. Reducing travel: We make continuing use of virtual communication tools (Teams/Zoom, video, teleconferencing) to minimise travel requirements.
  4. Partnership requirements: We require our partners and subcontractors to maintain positive environmental policies and actively monitor their practices.
  5. Integration into projects: We seek to integrate an environmental perspective into the company’s project management and client work.
  6. Resource efficiency: We work to minimise consumables and energy usage, prioritising recyclable materials and setting measurable targets for energy, transport, waste, emissions, and water usage.
  7. Monitoring and reporting: We establish measurable targets where these are under our control, and regularly monitor environmental performance against agreed benchmarks.

Continuous improvement:

Campbell Tickell is committed to enhancing our environmental performance by implementing an environmental management system. This includes setting targets for the entire practice and encouraging individual staff contributions toward these goals.

Information gathering and objective setting:

The company seeks information on relevant environmental topics to set meaningful objectives, while maintaining existing practices that align with environmental sustainability.


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