Risk & Assurance

In uncertain times effective risk management is more critical than ever. Boards with a tight grip on risk can extend their ambitions while still sleeping well at night.

Acknowledged leaders in risk and assurance, we have reviewed risk management, internal controls and assurance in over 120 organisations.

We can help to refresh and challenge your risk management framework, strengthen controls, fill assurance gaps, build audit committee effectiveness, and facilitate Board debate on risk appetite.

Key Services

  • Strengthening board engagement and facilitating debate on risk appetite
  • Building or reviewing risk management frameworks
  • Supporting the introduction of risk management systems
  • Assessing and advising on risk identification, evaluation, controls and assurance
  • Building risk registers to support strategic decision making
  • Validating financial models and developing financial golden rules
  • Mapping the three lines of defence to highlight assurance gaps
  • Challenging the effectiveness of vital controls including stress testing and support with In Depth Assessments (IDAs)
  • Recruiting risk and assurance specialists for your Board and executive
  • Providing training to strengthen board member financial confidence and audit committee effectiveness

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Risk & Assurance

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