Campbell Tickell’s Environmental Policy


    1. The purpose of this Environmental Policy is to outline our approach and commitment to the minimisation of Campbell Tickell’s impact on the environment.
    2. Campbell Tickell Ltd provides management consultancy services to a broad range of not-for-profit and other organisations, many of them subject to scrutiny of the soundness of their business practices and policies by regulatory bodies.
    3. We are responsive to the high standards expected of our clients, and we are similarly committed in the conduct of our work to monitoring and seeking to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
    4. We further try to foster an understanding of the environmental issues arising from our business activities among our employees, suppliers, contractors and customers.
    5. Our broad aims are to minimise the impact we have on the environment by:
      1. Ensuring that employees and associate consultants are fully familiar with up to date environmental issues and legislation;
      2. Choosing consultants local to a client’s offices, where practicable and appropriate;
      3. Using Teams/Zoom, videoconference and teleconference facilities wherever possible to reduce the need to travel;
      4. Ensuring that organisations working in partnership with us and those we sub- contract to have their own environmental polices in place and are actively monitoring their activities;
      5. Incorporating an environmental perspective into our project management system;
      6. Incorporating an environmental perspective into the work we conduct on behalf of our clients (for example, requesting environmental policies of tenderers);
      7. Ensuring that the use of consumables and energy are kept to a minimum and only recyclable materials are used where available and practical; and,
      8. Setting and achieving measurable targets for key performance criteria such as energy, transport, waste, emissions and water in order to monitor and report on our environmental performance against an agreed baseline.
    6. We are committed to improving environmental performance within our organisation and setting an environmental management monitoring system in place. This requires us to produce suitable targets for the practice as a whole and for individual staff to make their contribution to those targets.
    7. Where possible, we will gather information on a range of environment subjects which will enable us to set objectives and targets while maintaining existing practices that we

recognise as part of a sustainable agenda. We will take into account any growth in our staff numbers through this period as part of the target-setting process.

    1. We work in partnership with our office landlords and will attend regular meetings with them to discuss environmental and sustainability issues within the building.

To whom does the policy apply to?

    1. This policy applies to all staff of, and associates working with, Campbell Tickell.

Environmental Policy

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