Home Connections white paper: Minding the gap

Minding the gap

Commissioned by Home Connections, this report is written by Campbell Tickell and The Policy Institute at Kings College London. The report analyses the property demand data for 50,000 social housing properties advertised through Home Connections Choice-Based Lettings advertising systems.

Some key highlights:-

  • In general, there is significantly more demand for social housing than sufficient supply.
  • For the last three years, there were nearly 4.8 million bids processed by Home Connections for nearly 40,000 properties. The number of bids is 120 times higher than the number of properties made available, indicating a high level of competition for social housing. In contrast, in the private rented sector, which is experiencing the most significant supply/demand imbalance for several years, there were roughly 5 prospective households for every available private rented property in the UK in March 2022.
  • Individual properties received hugely varying amounts of interest. A few properties received thousands of bids while 61 properties received none. 10 per cent of all properties listed received over 275 bids.
  • Demand for social properties through the Home Connections system was by far highest in London.
  • The top five properties with the highest bids were in Lambeth, London, each receiving over 1,800 bids.

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Home Connections is social housing’s not-for-profit software provider for Choice Based Lettings, Mutual Exchange, Homelessness (HRA) & Housing Options and more. Since 2001, they have been at the forefront of many minds with the latest technology innovations. Home Connections set out with a vision to transform the relationship between home seekers and housing authorities. The choice-based lettings pilot they led was the largest in the UK and laid the foundation for a nationwide change to social housing allocations to the extent that over 80% of housing bodies in the UK used this approach by 2010. Find out more about Home Connections products and services.


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Home Connections white paper: Minding the gap

Find out which trends and patterns emerge from a unique analysis of 50,000 social housing properties advertised via Home Connections' choice-based lettings system. This report was commissioned by Home Connections and is written by Campbell Tickell and The Policy Institute at Kings College London.

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