Video: CT Webinar: Organisational culture in a turbulent world

Today we find ourselves in the eye of the storm from both internal and external pressures. Due to significant constraints in time and resources, there’s a tendency to prioritise system changes without always fully considering their potential impact on the entire organisation. Or indeed a clear understanding of how culture can transform an organisation. As a result, these transformations might fail or not endure. Ultimately, regardless of how advanced the systems are, success heavily relies on the people using them, rather than solely on the systems themselves. 

In this webinar we explore how a clear understanding of your organisational culture can help create a transformation agenda that meets the needs of your organisation and the people you serve. We hear from organisations that have embarked on an in-depth exploration of their company’s culture, using CT’s CultureScan tool and discuss how a positive culture is key to deep organisational resilience.  


  • Tracey McEachran, President, Women in Social Housing, and Senior Associate Consultant, Campbell Tickell
  • Francesca Stanyer, Policy & Research Manager, Campbell Tickell
  • James Tickell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  • Martina Smith, CEO, Housing Association for Integrated Living (HAIL)

Watch the video below to find out more:

If you have any further questions or comments on what was covered, please feel free to email James Tickell from Campbell Tickell on: or Francesca Stanyer on:

Video: CT Webinar: Organisational culture in a turbulent world

In this webinar, we discuss our joint report: New operating models.

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