What’s next for housing associations over the next 12 months?

New videos

In these short videos, CT Partners – Greg Campbell, Sue Harvey and David Williams –  discuss what’s next for housing associations over the next 12 months. Watch below.

1: Changing places: Meeting new customer and community demands

Greg Campbell, Campbell Tickell Partner, explores what changing employee, customer and resident expectations will mean for housing associations in a post-pandemic world.



 2: Finance, risk & assurance considerations for housing associations

Sue Harvey, Campbell Tickell Partner, considers how the long-term economic impacts of the pandemic are going to play out, as well as what governance issues boards needs to keep a close eye on over the coming 12 months.



3: Housing sector consolidation: shifting motivations

Here, David Williams, Campbell Tickell Partner, discusses how motivations for housing consolidation have shifted over the past year from driving organisational efficiency, to improving overall resilience.


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