CT Brief – Issue 50

We are pleased to bring you the brand new CT Brief – 50th edition

Our policy and practice publication is now 10 years old!

In this issue, we continue our approach from the previous 49 CT Briefs, bringing you up-to-date insights to challenge thinking and help organisations plan and evolve.

In CTB 50, you will find features on Black Lives Matter; diversity; the retail sector and urban housing; tackling unexpected risks and building resilience; refugees and asylum seekers; Scotland and the pandemic; the threat of eviction for renters; homelessness in Northern Ireland; how to set rents correctly; exploring community solutions; the role of the company secretary; and much more besides.

What’s Inside?

  1. Celebrating 50 editions of CT Brief –  Greg Campbell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  2. BLM – change is a long time coming-  John Brewster, Former Executive Leader at UK housing providers and an NHS Trust
  3. It’s not just how I look, it’s how I sound too – Leila Connage, Recruitment Coordinator, Campbell Tickell
  4. What it means to be me –Sade Joseph, Consultant & Radojka Miljevic, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  5. Why threats to retail create opportunities for housing –   David Waddell, Senior BBC News journalist and a former Non-Executive Director of Poplar HARCA, writing in a personal capacity
  6. A local response to a global crisis- Orla Gallagher, Chief executive, Housing Solution
  7. Looking beyond the pandemic in Scotland – Jason  MacGilp,Group Chief Executive, Cairn Housing Group and Board Member at the Scottish Federation of Housing Association
  8. The invaluable role of the Company Secretary – Sade Joseph, Director, Campbell Tickell
  9. Of risks and resilience – James Tickell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  10. Joint action for refugees –  Zina Smith, Marketing & Communications Manager, Campbell Tickell
  11. No going back – Nicola McCrudden, Senior Associate Consultant, Campbell Tickell
  12. Funding a future – Sebastian Barker, Co-Founder and COO, Beam
  13. The government must keep it’s promise to renters – Alicia Kennedy, Director, Generation Rent
  14. How to comply with the Rent Standard – Helen Routledge, Senior Associate, Campbell Tickell
  15. Q&A: Coronavirus and interim management Gemma Prescot, Head of Interim Management, Campbell Tickell

Read the new CT Brief, Issue 50



CT Brief – Issue 50

We are pleased to bring you the brand new CT Brief - 50th edition! Read about: Black Lives Matter, diversity, the retail sector and urban housing, homelessness, rents & more!

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