Home Connections white paper: The demand for social housing before and during Covid-19

Demand & supply in social housing: what changed during COVID-19?

Commissioned by Home Connections, this report is written by Annie Field, of Campbell Tickell and Susannah Hume and Rebecca Benson, of The Policy Institute at Kings College London.

Find out how the patterns of supply and demand in social housing have changed as a result of COVID-19, through the analysis of over 26,000 properties, advertised via Home Connections Choice Based Lettings (CBL) systems.

Key highlights from this report


  • Supply of social housing across the country
  • Changed levels of demand for social housing pre and post-Covid-19 pandemic: what type of properties are applicants bidding for?
  • The average number of bids for all property types, informing delivery of new homes and the efficient allocation of the existing ones
  • Sizes of properties available before and since the pandemic and much more!

Commenting on the report, Annie Field, Policy and Research Team Manager, said:

This report will help social landlords target their resources to ensure that the homes they provide best meet the needs of their residents. Across the sector we need more homes in London, more large properties suitable for families with several children, more wheelchair-accessible properties, and potentially more one-bed properties to meet the increasing numbers of single homeless people.


Ninesh Muthiah, The Founder and CEO of Home Connections added:

An integral part of our mission at Home Connections is to help people secure the home of their choice. This report will allow us to do that for even more people across the country, as it helps us to understand what people want from their homes in the social rented sector and what guides their choices. We hope it is also used to guide the choices made by social landlords and developers when they plan what types of new social rent properties to build to truly match the demand.


Read the report

To discuss further, please contact please contact Ninesh Muthiah on ninesh.muthiah@home-connections.co.uk  or Annie Field on: annie.field@campbelltickell.com.


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