CT Brief – Issue 71

Welcome to the latest CT Brief – Issue 71

In this issue, we have political – and ethical – imperatives about sustainability, in the form of net zero targets for example in housing, and energy efficiency and climate change climbing up the risk register rungs. Yet the challenges of scale and cost seem to extend beyond the ken and wherewithal of organisations working in isolation and having to balance priorities of value.

Old certainties are eroded: the transferred council housing stock becoming merged into something geographically diffused, the polarisation of opinions where the space for nuance and listening is squeezed – the call for kindness is timely.

Perhaps we can be buoyed by the determination to learn against this background – to not give up, to form new relationships and approaches, and to somehow care about how things get done. There is a strong call for collaboration across organisations and sectors in this Brief. The kind of leadership we need to navigate these challenges needs to look outside and elevate above itself, be generous, motored by hope and courageously honest about what no longer works.

We hope you enjoy this month’s edition!

What’s Inside?

  1. The social housing sustainability challenge, Keith Carter, Associate Consultant, Campbell Tickell
  2. The evolving role of for-profit registered providers, Maggie Rafalowicz, Director, Campbell Tickell & Zina Smith, Marketing and Communications Manager, Campbell Tickell
  3. The future of Sustainability-Linked Loans, Imran Mubeen, Director of Treasury, Bromford Housing Group & Chris Evans, Director, Newbridge
  4. Should you re-open your Housing Revenue Account? Dave Roberts, Senior Associate, Campbell Tickell
  5. Refreshing the Charity Governance Code in hard times Radojka Miljevic, Partner, Campbell Tickell; Independent Chair, Charity Governance Steering Group
  6. All change for consumer regulation, Catherine Little, Director, Campbell Tickell
  7. Lessons from prison , Emily Martin, Governor, HMP High Down
  8. And another thing…let’s be kind!, James Tickell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  9. The power of social value, Mandy Padda, Bids and Tenders Manager, Campbell Tickell
  10. TILT – the Trauma Informed Learning Tool, David Gill, Founder, Risk & Resilience, and Associate Consultant, Campbell Tickell
  11. The detail’s in the data, Sue Harvey, Director, Campbell Tickell & Catherine Romney, Policy and Research Officer, Campbell Tickell

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CT Brief – Issue 71

Welcome to the latest CT Brief – Issue 68. This special Ireland focused issue of CT Brief draws together insights on a wide range of topics, Social housing in Northern Ireland

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