The governance of housing health and safety

Health and safety are now, or should be, firmly on the agenda for the executive team and boards of all housing providers. Events including the disastrous fire at Grenfell Tower and the tragic death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak due to prolonged exposure to mould in his home, have highlighted major failings, prompting action across the sector, and resulting in new legislation around fire safety, resident engagement and more.

Being a board member of a Private Registered Provider (PRP) carries serious responsibilities including several areas relating to health and safety. And whilst board members do not need to be expert in all of these areas, they do need to know which questions to ask, and have enough knowledge to know when they can take assurance from the answers they receive.

They also need to be familiar with the main risks their organisation may face, and then the resources, policies and reporting that apply to them. Above all, to sleep easy at night they need to be as near certain as possible that the reports and advice they are receiving are accurate and well-founded.

Digital briefing document

Could it happen here?To help boards and executive teams navigate the health and safety landscape, Campbell Tickell has produced the digital briefing document, Could it happen here? The governance of housing health and safety.

A summary version is available to read for free, containing the chapter outline and a couple of sample chapters, while the full briefing is available to download for £95 plus VAT. See below.

The full briefing may be copied freely within the purchasing organisation, but not more widely. It will be updated from time to time as statute and regulation changes, and re-sent to all purchasers at no additional charge.

The briefing covers England, and is largely but not entirely applicable in Wales. We are preparing a version for Wales, and this will be similarly available; anyone who has previously purchased the England version may seek the Wales version at no extra charge. A Scotland version is available from the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations.

To note: If you prefer to purchase the document by invoice payment, please email: to request this. Otherwise, once purchased via our website, the document should automatically download and be emailed to you.

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Blog: “It couldn’t happen here …” (or could it?)

“The lessons are simple. Don’t necessarily believe all that you are told or read. Understand what the risks are, and don’t be afraid to ask questions” says James Tickell, in his blog about the governance of housing health and safety.


Board Training

Campbell Tickell would also be pleased to present the paper to Boards and/or committees, either online or in person. This can be offered for between one hour, up to a more interactive half day session, with two hours recommended.

To find out more please contact us:

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The governance of housing health and safety

To help boards and executive teams navigate the health and safety landscape, Campbell Tickell has produced a digital briefing document. Find out more.

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