Video: CT Webinar: 1000 miles to carbon neutral: First steps on the journey

With many organisations already underway in deploying their net zero carbon strategies, and preparing bids for the second wave decarbonisation fund, we pause for a moment to consider if we may perhaps be starting the journey with the compass point 1 degree out.  Is the ‘fastest route’ the best option?  Or should we set our navigation to avoid certain key hazards?

In this webinar, our panel discuss:

  • What happens if our first steps are not quite in the right direction? What can be done together to minimise the chances of being off target in the future? A chance to challenge ourselves as to what needs to be done now to plot a safe course ahead.
  • Do we really know our portfolios well enough to write and execute an effective decarbonisation strategy? How can the right data identify the right assets for the right strategy? What should an implementation plan should look like and when should it be executed?


  • Rose Bean, Executive Director of Assets and Sustainability, Abri
  • Robert Kingsmill, Partner, RESAM
  • Ted Pearce, Director of Strategic Asset Management, Orbit

Chaired by James Tickell, Partner, Campbell Tickell


Watch the video below to find out more:

If you have any further questions or comments on what was covered, please feel free to email James Tickell from Campbell Tickell on:

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