Campbell Tickell & Disruptive Innovators Network: Customer engagement

We are really pleased to share our brand new joint report in partnership with Disruptive Innovators Network, and supported by Salesforce: Customer engagement – fresh perspectives!

Following the positive feedback from our previous joint reports, we thought for our third report we’d tackle a very topical theme on how we can improve the way housing providers engage with their tenants and residents.

The research is framed around innovations happening within the social housing sector, along with external and international perspectives. Some of the findings are challenging and you may not agree with them all. The important bit is we keep how we think about tenants and residents needs and expectations at the forefront of housing operations.

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Report outline

  1. Honesty is key – Housing organisations must ask themselves tough questions
  2. Innovation –  Innovative resident-led processes
  3. Relationship building – Valuing the customer, increasing engagement and improving satisfaction
  4. Design – Why good design is at the heart of good engagement
  5. Data – Why good data makes great strategy
  6. Tools for change –  Establishing a clearer picture of residents’ views and experiences
  7. The Dutch perspective – An outside view on getting resident engagement right
  8. Technology –  Using smart technology to fulfil residents’ desire for proactive engagement
  9. Summary of key learnings – Six critical areas for housing providers to consider to strengthen resident engagement and create meaningful change


A special thanks to Gavriel Hollander and all our contributors: 

  • Naomi Sweeting, Director of Customer Experience, Grand Union Housing Group
  • Shaun Holdcroft, Operations Director, Legal & General Affordable Homes
  • Oke Eleazu, CEO, Many Pets
  • Clive Grinyer, Head of Service Design, Royal College of Art
  • Mike Joslin, Senior Digital and Marketing Officer for Campaigns, National Education Union
  • Eleanor Southwood MBE, Director of Social Impact, Fight for Sight, Chair, Habinteg, and board member, Paradigm Housing
  • Gerard van Bortel, Assistant Professor of Housing Management, Delft University of Technology
  • Graham Weaver, Head of Digital Products, Riverside


To discuss any issues raised in this report or further enquiries, please find below relevant contact details:

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Campbell Tickell & Disruptive Innovators Network: Customer engagement

In this report, we tackle a very topical theme on how we can improve the way housing providers engage with their tenants and residents.

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