CT Brief – Issue 45: Ireland edition

We are pleased to bring you the new CT Brief, Issue 45 – Ireland edition: our second focused exclusively on the island of Ireland.

We have worked in Northern Ireland since 2011 and in the Republic since 2013.  In both north and south we have worked with government agencies, housing agencies, large and small, care providers and councils. Our locally based team of specialist consultants bring expertise in strategy, governance, finance, risk, regulation, housing development, regeneration, housing management, asset management, care and support, HR and recruitment.

As our work in the island continues to grow, we invited our clients and team to write about current issues facing organisations across Northern and Republic of Ireland. Topics inside include: housing regulation in Ireland; Northern Ireland’s housing policy and welfare reforms; challenges facing Approved Housing Bodies; homelessness strategies in Northern Ireland; development plans;  private rental sector in Ireland; Rebuilding Ireland progress and recruitment.

Contributions from a variety of organisations including: Housing Agency, Department for Communities – Northern Ireland, Residential Tenancies Board, Oaklee Housing and the Campbell Tickell team. We do hope you enjoy reading!

Read CT Brief 45 – Ireland edition

If you have any comments about material covered in this CT Brief or would like to write for our next issue, please email Zina Smith, Marketing & Communications Coordinator: zina.smith@campbelltickell.com

CT Brief – Issue 45: Ireland edition

We are pleased to bring you the new CT Brief - Issue 45: Ireland Edition.

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