CT Brief – Issue 52

We are really pleased to bring you the new CT Brief – Issue 52

Nine months into the pandemic, another lockdown, potential vaccines on the horizon, Brexit trade deals still in discussion, and a new US president-elect – quite a lot has happened recently!

This issue presents a multi-sector perspective on key issues affecting organisations in sport, charity, housing, local government and care and support sectors, across the UK. Demonstrating resilience and agility, contributors also explore the recent challenges faced, as well as their short, medium, and long-term plans.

Inside you’ll find features on: sports governance and strategy; financial planning and stress-testing; getting your service charges right; councils joint working on temporary accommodation; the future of health and social care; Welsh housing policy and plans; big changes in Northern Ireland housing; gender inequality; community finance; governance in the pandemic; homelessness; strengthening communities; and much more besides!

What’s Inside?

  1. Back in action – Nick Pontefract, COO, Sport England
  2. Goalball UK’s journey through the pandemic – Mark Winder, CEO, Goalball UK
  3. Finance teams have a lot on their minds Sue Harvey, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  4. Stress-testing  – Richard Blakey, Executive director of finance and resources, settle
  5. The mechanics of great service  Jon Slade, Director,  Campbell Tickell
  6. Developing a ‘best in class’ housing offer for two councils – Maggie Rafalowicz, Director, Campbell Tickell
  7. Next steps – Ben Collins, Chief executive, NIFHA (Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations)
  8. New directions – Liz Zacharias, Senior consultant, Campbell Tickell
  9. Joining the dots – Clarissa Corbisiero, Director of policy and external affairs, deputy chief executive, Community Housing Cymru
  10. Fair Finance – Fionn Sharpe, Policy and strategy advisor, Fair4All Finance
  11. CT20: Unpacking the future – Zina Smith, Marketing & Communications Manager, Campbell Tickell
  12. Housing is a feminist issue – Zaiba Qureshi  and Denise Fowler, Co-chairs, Women’s Housing Forum
  13. Navigating the pandemic – Wendy Bourton, Chair, Pobl
  14. Can giving £4,000 to a homeless person truly help reduce homelessness? – Liz Zacharias, Senior consultant, Campbell Tickell
  15. Holding communities together – Greg Campbell, Partner, Campbell Tickell


Read the new CT Brief – Issue 52


To discuss any topics raised in these articles, contact Zina Smith on: zina.smith@campbeltickell.com


CT Brief – Issue 52

We are pleased to bring you the brand new CT Brief - Issue 52! Read about: sports governance and strategy; financial planning and stress-testing; getting your service charges right & more!

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