CT Brief – Issue 60 – Local Government

We are really pleased to bring you the new CT Brief – Issue 60: Local Government  

In this issue, we highlight a number of local initiatives to tackle a range of the difficulties so many face, while identifying best practice.

We explore areas including organisational transformation, budget-setting, decarbonisation, diversity in leadership, mental health, and recruiting the people you need to deliver the results you seek.

What’s Inside?

  1. Regulation, Maggie Rafalowicz, Director, Campbell Tickell
  2. Complaints handling, Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman
  3. Housing authority finance, Dave Roberts, Senior Associate, Campbell Tickell
  4. Housing strategiesMaggie Rafalowicz, Director, Campbell Tickell & Helen Brzozowski, Managing Partner, arc4
  5. London RetrofitJoanne Drew, Housing and Regeneration Director, Enfield Council
  6. Gateshead transformationVicky Sibson, Strategic Housing Services Manager & Kevin Scarlett, Service Director Strategic Housing and Residential Growth, Gateshead Council
  7. Job-sharingEleanor Purser & Sara Waller, Co-Strategic Directors –  Sustainable Growth and Opportunity, Lambeth Council
  8. Interim Recruitment, Gemma Prescot, Senior Consultant and Head of Interim Management, Campbell Tickell
  9. Cricket and communitiesAbdul A Ravat, Non-Executive Director and Community Cricket Campaigner
  10. Homelessness in EnglandMoh Hussein, Head of Housing, Arun District Council
  11. Homelessness in IrelandMary Hayes, Director, Dublin Region Homeless Executive
  12. Mental Health and HousingPeter Molyneux, Chair, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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Disclaimer: We welcome guest blogs and articles for our website and CT Brief. The views, opinions and positions expressed in such blogs and articles represent those of the authors and do not represent those of Campbell Tickell.

CT Brief – Issue 60 – Local Government

We are really pleased to bring you the new CT Brief – Issue 60: Local Government. Read about: complaints handling, job-sharing, decarbonisation & much more!

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