Transforming Gateshead

Gateshead Council is overhauling its housing provision as part of a wider programme of change to improve outcomes for the town’s residents


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Vicky Sibson

Strategic Housing Services Manager, Gateshead Council

Kevin Scarlett

Service Director Strategic Housing and Residential Growth, Gateshead Council

In April 2021, following an independent review and period of consultation with tenants, leaseholders and key stakeholders, Gateshead Council brought its arm's-length management organisation (ALMO) back under its control. During this time, the council also recognised the need to transform our housing provision to support delivery of our broader strategic vision to enable Gateshead residents to thrive. We therefore commissioned Campbell Tickell to work with us to deliver:

  • A homelessness review, new Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy and a Homelessness Charter
  • A review of our Allocations Policy, Strategic Tenancy Policy and a review of our existing Choice-Based Lettings Scheme

Rethinking policies

These pieces of work have now been completed and have enabled us to rethink current policies, plans, processes and services to better meet the needs of our customers.

We have now also commissioned Campbell Tickell to deliver the next phase of our journey, which joins together our homelessness, allocations and tenancy work streams into one review.

This includes:

  • Recommissioning and remodelling homelessness accommodation and support
  • Developing a homelessness gateway model
  • A new Allocations Policy, Tenancy Strategy and Tenancy Management Policy
  • A new Gateshead model for allocations, including the development of a marketplace and strong partnerships with both registered and commissioned housing and service providers

We are on track to deliver these outcomes by March 2023.

“Having high standards of engagement and communication has been key to the success of the review to date.”

Importance of engagement

Having high standards of engagement and communication has been key to the success of the review to date. Campbell Tickell has worked with the council to ensure engagement with a wide range of partners, including our registered and commissioned housing and service providers. We have also established a core project team which, alongside colleagues from Campbell Tickell, also includes representation from public health, community safety and social care to ensure a joined-up approach so we truly deliver on our ‘thrive’ vision. Engagement with residents and elected members is also now well underway to inform our policy and strategy development.

Having the expertise and best practice from the field through Campbell Tickell has been invaluable. As has the methodical project management and excellent strategic guidance to make sure we are achieving our broad ambitions to deliver a new, innovative approach going forward. This is an exciting time which represents an opportunity to effect real, positive change for Gateshead Council as well as our registered and commissioned housing and service providers, which will help shape any future models we develop.

We look forward to working with Campbell Tickell on this next phase and transforming services to ensure better outcomes for the people of Gateshead!


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