CT Brief – Issue 58 – Health, Care and Support

We are really pleased to bring you the new CT Brief – Issue 58: Health, Care and Support!  

In this edition, we aim to focus on pressing health, care and support matters, and consider what we can do, as people and organisations, to create a fairer, tolerant and more equitable society.

Authors discuss the Social Care White Paper, published late last year, as well as the limits and benefits of a digital service offer. While the ‘Everyone In’ rough sleeping initiative was hailed as a great success, many are still awaiting housing, and a large number require immigration advice. We highlight homelessness among refugees, young LGBTQ+ people and the vital work of akt.

What’s Inside?

  1. We still have capacity to help refugees, John Delahunty, CEO, Innisfree
  2. Rough sleeping: a public health emergency, Michelle Binfield, Rough sleeping programme director, London Councils & David Eastwood, Rough sleeping lead, Greater London Authority
  3. LGBTQ+ experiences of youth homelessness, Charlotte Vale, Fundraising manager, akt (Albert Kennedy Trust)
  4. Care workforce and technology, Liz Zacharias, Director, Campbell Tickell
  5. Social security, David Avery, Chair, Clarion Housing Group
  6. Transforming social care: views from the sector, Rebecca Pritchard, CEO, Surrey Care Association
  7. “I’m going to be me and if people don’t like it, they’re going have to adapt, because this is who I am” Sandra Skeete, CEO, Octavia & Tracey McEachran, Associate consultant at Campbell Tickell and chair of the London Board of Women in Social Housing
  8. Telling ‘herstory’, Rachel Crossley, Museum director, East End Women’s Museum
  9. The housing association of the future, Leen Spaans, Co-founder and secretary, CorpoNet & Henk Korevaar, Co-founder, ambassador and international liaison, CorpoNet
  10. Show and tell, Luke Cross, Director, Social Invest
  11. Post-covid stakeholder survey, Greg Campbell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  12. Exempt accommodation, Liz Zacharias, Director, Campbell Tickell
  13. Why we must invest in mental health research, Marie Baxter, Philanthropy and partnerships manager, MQ Mental Health Research
  14. In crisis mode, Michael Broad, Policy & Research Officer, Campbell Tickell

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CT Brief – Issue 58 – Health, Care and Support

We are really pleased to bring you the new CT Brief - Issue 58: Health, Care and Support! Read about: housing refugees, homelessness, digital care services, mental health & more.

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