Becoming a Registered Provider – Regulator of Social Housing

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has published Becoming a Registered Provider: a new guide on applying to set up a Registered Provider.  By drawing on a range of applications, this document sets out the real issues that come to light and explains why the RSH are unable to register a number of those bodies that seek registration.

This is intended to be a helpful guide for anyone considering applying for registration and for those that advise applicants. It should prompt applicants to understand that registration, which is not a quick and simple process, is a significant undertaking in the way organisations operate and are governed.  Importantly, this guide helps organisations consider if registration is the right course of action for their business, given the long-term obligations that being within a regulated sector brings.

Campbell Tickell’s Sue Harvey and Sarah Brown contributed to the writing of this report.

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More information from Register and de-register as a provider of social housing

To discuss registering or de-registering as a social housing provider, contact CT Director, Maggie Rafalowicz:



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