Housing CEO WhatsApp group digest update

Digest updated as of  19th July 2021

The updated digest of key topics discussed in Campbell Tickell’s CEO WhatsApp group is available to read.

This COVID-19 responsive WhatsApp group was set up a year ago on 17th March 2020. It has grown to 220 participants at the time of writing, comprising chief executives from housing associations and ALMOs across all four UK jurisdictions as well as the Republic of Ireland.

Whereas initial discussions focused on how organisations were responding to the changing challenges faced on the ground and at an operational level, within a couple of weeks, a matter of key concern was how to build resiliency into their longer-term planning. The following summary provides an overview of discussions, arranged by theme. Prior to this, we have highlighted matters arising over the last week.

While discussions are confidential and unattributable, members of the group are keen for the content themes and issues to be shared widely to assist with broader understanding.

Aileen Evans, Group CEO of Grand Union Housing and President of the Chartered Institute of Housing commented recently:

What we discovered was that there was no such thing as too much communication.  It was communication, communication, communication.

In that regard, the WhatsApp Group Campbell Tickell set up was really, really useful.  It gave chief execs a safe space to offload, to ask questions, to check what other people were doing, to sense-check,  to check stuff.  It was really helpful, and I’d like to carry that sort of forum forward.

I think actually it accelerated decision-making in the sector and helped us make better decisions more quickly.

Source: Lessons from the housing sector’s response to the pandemic (webinar recording)

Please note: The digest highlights matters that have been discussed in the group. None of the content should be treated as representing the collective views of the group as such or be attributed to any of its members. The group is an information-sharing forum and not a policy-making body.

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The group is open to all housing CEOs who are not yet members.

To join, please contact james.tickell@campbelltickell.com or greg.campbell@campbelltickell.com


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