Could merger be the right choice for your charity?

With increasing demands to deliver services, many charities are being encouraged to collaborate with one another and ultimately, consider merger as a potential solution to funding and resource constraints.

Below are three key messages for charities thinking about mergers:

1. Firstly, do not lose sight of the bigger picture. Remember the goal is deliver the charitable purposes of both organisations more effectively – better services, lower costs.

2. Secondly, embrace the idea of a new organisation rather than focusing on protecting legacy. Although legacy is important, not reflecting too much on the past is an important cultural perspective for charities to embrace prior to starting out on merger discussions.

3. Thirdly, move quickly once your timeframe is agreed. While many organisations wish to move at a gentle pace, in our experience moving quickly to agree a business case within three to four months and giving firm commitment to proceed is key, unless the due diligence process shows anything untoward.

Interested to find out what else to consider?

Register for Campbell Tickell’s seminar on the ‘Why and How’ of a merger, in association with ACEVO, on March 21st. Click here to book.

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