Effective resident engagement: Introducing The Listening Test!

Saying you are interested in what your residents think of your housing service is easy.

Putting in place a range of ways that residents can express a view is also straight forward. But are you really listening? Or are you only hearing what suits you and ignoring the rest?

Campbell Tickell and TAROE Trust have jointly developed the Listening Test –  a straight forward and thorough review of how effectively you listen to the many voices of your residents.

Reviewing how effectively you listen to residents’ voices

We came together to work on this because of our shared values and different perspectives. TAROE Trust is a charity that works in the interests of tenants and residents living in the regulated housing sector. TAROE Trust believe that residents living in the regulated housing sector have been overlooked for too long. TAROE Trust’s focus in developing the review has been on ensuring it asks the right questions and solutions to achieve meaningful change for residents by bringing their voices to the fore.

At Campbell Tickell our long track record of working on these issues means we know the questions to ask to develop a rigorous and transparent evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach. We share TAROE Trust’s passion for enabling the voices of residents to be heard.

Working together, TAROE Trust and Campbell Tickell have developed a comprehensive menu of good practice options. Our view is that there are a wide range of ways an organisation can hear the voices of its residents: face-to-face and digitally, formally and informally, locally and remotely, spoken and using data.

Over the course of the review we develop an understanding of your aspirations and intentions and our report sets out how well you are doing and makes practical recommendations for how you can do better.

Our Listening Test provides cost-effective insight into:


1. Strengths and weaknesses of your current approach across all of its elements.

  • Engagement with resident groups
  • Scrutiny and governance
  • Complaints
  • Surveys
  • Formal wide-ranging and targeted consultation
  • Business intelligence data

2. Qualitative evaluation of the impact of residents voices on your services and the value derived.

3. Recommendations for adjustments to your current approaches which:

  • Reflect the evolving landscape of statute and regulation including building safety, Housing Ombudsman, and more generally
  • Demonstrate an understanding of your corporate intent (i.e. the type of landlord you want to be)
  • Propose a simple approach to hearing residents’ voices covering formal and informal engagement, governance, scrutiny and data
  • Integrate digital engagement
  • Propose simple methods to ensure that residents’ voices are heard, and that outcomes and impacts are identified and tracked.

More information

Full details of the Listening Test can be found in this brochure.

To discuss further, feel free to contact:

The Listening Test is also featured in CT Brief – Issue 55, August 2021 edition.


Effective resident engagement: Introducing The Listening Test!

The Listening Test, developed by Campbell Tickell and TAROE Trust, helps housing organisations listen effectively to their tenants and adjust their approach to resident engagement accordingly. Find out more.

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