Handling complaints: A three-part podcast mini-series

CT Brief: Honest Conversations – A three-part mini-series – Handling complaints

In this new three part mini-series, Campbell Tickell’s Catherine Little, Sue Harvey and Francesca Stanyer, discuss the Housing Ombudsman Complaints Handling Code and how it links in with changes to social housing consumer regulation.


Part 1 – Complaints handling: Assurance and tenant satisfaction measures (24 minutes)

In Part 1, they reflect on how boards can seek assurance around complaints handling and tenant satisfaction measures and are joined by guest Sarah Klueter, Director of Customer Experience at Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, who shares her experience around complaints and tenant satisfaction measures.

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Part 2 – Complaints handling: Culture, in-depth assessments, and top tips (12 minutes)

In Part 2, our speakers discuss:

1. What trends there are around complaints handling and organisational culture

2. How complaints handling approach and outcomes may support in-depth assessments

3. Top tips for housing providers and local authorities on complaints handling!

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Part 3 – Housing Ombudsman new Complaints Handling Code: What’s new? (7 minutes)

In Part 3, Catherine and Sue discuss key changes in the complaints handling code, emphasizing a shift from “should” to “must” and the code’s new statutory status.  

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In this masterclass, our panel discuss the latest changes to social housing consumer regulation in England.

Panel discussion featuring Regulator of Social Housing & Housing Ombudsman:

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Handling complaints: A three-part podcast mini-series

In this episode, CT Directors, Liz Zacharias, who leads on our Health, Care and Support work, and Catherine Little, whose work includes, governance, regulation and risk, here to discuss Housing First and CT’s work evaluating two of the national pilots.

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