Fair4All Finance & Campbell Tickell – Unlocking tenant financial resilience

Unlocking tenant financial resilience: Building partnerships between housing associations and community finance providers.

Drawing on insights from professionals and tenants, this report, written by Fair4All Finance and Campbell Tickell, presents the case for increased shared working between housing associations and affordable lenders.

There is significant opportunity for housing associations and community finance providers to establish and expand partnerships to improve the financial resilience of tenants, with clear benefits for all parties involved

In this report, we look at existing partnerships, identifying areas of good practice as well as opportunities for growth. And set out guidance on how the two sectors can create well designed partnerships for the benefit of their tenants and customers.

Campbell Tickell & Fair4All Finance

Commenting on the report, Maggie Rafalowicz, Director at Campbell Tickell, notes:

Today we launch a joint publication highlighting the opportunities for joint working between housing associations and community finance providers.

We are seeing poverty increase in many areas and sectors, not least with the ending of furlough, the winding down of the Universal Credit uplift, inflation increasing, and energy prices spiralling.

Housing Associations working with community finance providers are a vital resource for people excluded from mainstream financial services that will allow people to meet needs without taking on unaffordable debt from unscrupulous lenders.

This builds on the kind of partnerships that already exist and have the potential to grow further.

Lauren Peel, Head of Markets, Consumer Insights and Product Design at Fair4All Finance added:

There is a clear opportunity for housing associations and community finance providers to work together.

Fair and affordable credit helps tenants when they’re hit by a financial shock, whether it’s a washing machine breaking, an unexpected bill or a life event. Supporting people in these stressful times can prevent them from turning to high-cost or illegal lending.

And by breaking the spiral of debt, rent arrears and eviction, partnerships with community finance can also lead to financial benefits for landlords.

The guidance and case studies in this report will help organisations to build strong partnerships, and transform the financial wellbeing of their tenants for everyone’s benefit.

Read the Executive Summary

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Watch the launch webinar of the report

Supporting partnerships in 2022

Fair4All Finance are offering to support up to three partnerships between housing associations and community finance providers to deliver on the learnings from the report.

We’re looking for partnerships where there’s already an agreed commitment to work together. This could be a new partnership or refreshing an existing one.

We’ll start this work in Q2 2022 and we expect it to run for up to six months. If you have an agreed partnership and are interested in taking part please complete this short form by 30 December.

To discuss further, please contact please contact Fionn Sharpe on fionn@fair4allfinance.org.uk or contact Maggie Rafalowicz on: researchers@campbelltickell.com


Fair4All Finance was founded in 2019 to support the financial wellbeing of people in vulnerable circumstances. Funded by dormant assets money for financial inclusion, our mission is to increase access to fair, affordable and appropriate financial products and services. Find out more: https://fair4allfinance.org.uk/ 

Campbell Tickell is an established multi-disciplinary management and recruitment consultancy, operating across the UK and Ireland, focusing on the housing, social care, local government, sport, leisure, charity and voluntary sectors. We are a values-based business and firmly place the positioning of our support and challenge on helping organisations to attain change that is well thought through, planned and sustainable. At CT, we want to help organisations create the landscape within which we ourselves would like to exist: fair, inclusive, diverse, engaged and transparent. We build from our values in how we approach all our work as a practice.

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