7 ways to achieve workplace equality

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7 ways to achieve workplace equality

  1. Look around, what happens in meetings, do you default to men chairing and women taking notes or clearing away? Challenge this.
  2. Be alert to the opportunity gap. How does interesting and challenging work get allocated, who gets invites to networking and other events, who gets asked to represent or speak on behalf of your organisation?
  3. Don’t ignore or collude with poor behaviour, sexist jokes, banter, or stereotypical language. Call it out, say why it offends you and why it is inappropriate in your workplace.
  4. Be alive to the fact that people doing equal work should be paid the same. (This shouldn’t need saying but…)
  5. All genders have permission to be vulnerable, robust, love/hate this sport, that dance, this type of writing etc. Find the individual in your colleagues and not the ‘type’.
  6. Acknowledge the tensions that exist for all of us in managing our work and non-work lives – flex where you need to and be kind. We all need support. Judge the people who work with you on the outcomes.
  7. We still live in an unequal society. Do your bit in advancing opportunities for those who are disproportionately disadvantaged. You might have been lucky or privilege may have worked in your favour unknowingly. You contribute to the fairness of our society in how you create opportunity for others.

Written by Gera Patel & Radojka Miljevic, Partners, Campbell Tickell 

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