Campbell Tickell & Disruptive Innovators Network: New Operating Models

Joint report: Campbell Tickell and the Disruptive Innovators Network

We’re really pleased to bring you our brand new joint report: New Operating Models.

This new research report between Disruptive Innovators Network and Campbell Tickell explores how operating models are evolving as we move into a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our research explores the experience of the past two years in highlighting organisations’ ability to: reassess core purpose and priorities; evolve flexible service models that respond to the emerging ‘hybrid’ world of service provision; and measure true value as delivered against purpose.

The all-hands-on-deck response necessitated by the pandemic – which no one’s corporate risk analysis foresaw – has shown businesses that they can still operate with a high level of effectiveness, even when faced with unexpected and extreme external challenges.

We hope you enjoy reading the report and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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  1. Welcome
  2. Contents
  3. Workspace or workplace?
  4. How housing can learn from the international development sector
  5. What commercial new entrants can teach the housing sector
  6. The disruption of digital
  7. Genuine change comes at a short-term cost
  8. Creating a new organisation during a pandemic
  9. Making the most of a global talent pool
  10. Reshaping the client/contractor model
  11. Changing the culture at a 400-year-old business
  12. Hub, home and roam
  13. Embedding transformation
  14. Top 10 key learnings
  15. About us 


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A special thanks to Gavriel Hollander and alll our contributors: 

  • Yvonne Castle, CEO, Johnnie Johnson Housing
  • Kate Wareing, CEO, Soha Housing
  • Ben Denton, Managing Director, L&G Affordable Homes
  • Jonathan Gregory, Interim CEO of Industrial Dwellings Society; Senior Associate Consultant, Campbell Tickell; and Director at JG Associates
  • Colette McKune, Group CEO, ForViva
  • Andy Skarzynski, Executive Director of Strategy, Business Intelligence & HR, Abri Group
  • Cem Savas, Founder and CEO, Plentific
  • Barbara Brownlee, CEO, Soho Housing Association
  • Graham Hodgkin, Head of Communications in EMEA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Lorraine Usher, CEO, Loreburn Housing Association
  • Bill Fullen, CEO, Believe Housing

Disclaimer: We interviewed a number of leaders and specialists as part of this research. Their quotes are intended to illustrate various points, but should not necessarily be taken as representing the views of Disruptive Innovators Network or Campbell Tickell.

To discuss any issues raised in report email:

Read our comment piece on this report in Inside Housing (3rd February 2022)




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Campbell Tickell & Disruptive Innovators Network: New Operating Models

Thought leaders and experts offer their insights into how operating models are evolving as we move into a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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