CT Brief – Issue 66

Welcome to the latest CT Brief – Issue 66

Running throughout this issue is a focus on getting the basics right and the importance of listening to customers, communities, and frontline colleagues when delivering services. This is perhaps inevitable given the increased focus on consumer regulation, which is being adopted by the Regulator for Social Housing in line with the Social Housing Regulation Bill, as well as the recent reminder of the profound consequences of not listening to our customers or providing effective services, as so sadly illustrated by the tragic death of Awaab Ishak.

This issue includes some excellent illustrations of how organisations, especially local authorities, are responding to their immediate challenges – whether that be tackling damp and mould, promoting the retrofit of homes, rethinking housing management and tenant engagement, or ensuring that they remain rooted in the local community.

We also feature reflections from CT colleagues on such topics as the importance for local authorities of health policy; why organisational culture matters; redefining target operating models; learning from the latest local election results; and how to approach regulation.

Lastly, while the world becomes increasingly concerned with the unpredictable effects of AI, we’d like to assure you that CT Brief remains proudly written by humans!

What’s Inside?

  1. Damp & mouldAjman Ali, Executive Director, Sheffield Council
  2. Disrepair claimsAnthony Armitage, Managing Director, First Law
  3. Target operating models, Alistair Sharpe-Neal, Senior Consultant, Campbell Tickell
  4. Combined authorities, Maggie Rafalowicz, Director, Campbell Tickell
  5. Consumer regulation, Ceri Victory-Rowe, Director & Catherine Little, Director, Campbell Tickell
  6. Regulatory standardsJonathan Hicks, Policy and Performance Senior Specialist, Folkestone & Hythe District Council
  7. Regulatory downgrades, Doug Wynne, Senior Consultant, Campbell Tickell
  8. Local elections, Greg Campbell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  9. Retrofit revolution, James McHugh, Senior Consultant, Campbell Tickell
  10. Tenant engagementAlison O’Gorman, Director of Housing Services, Tuath Housing
  11. Housing managementNeil Bolton, Head of Housing, Respond
  12. Q& A: mergers & local communitiesKaren Cooper, CEO, Penge Churches Housing Association (PCHA) & Greg Campbell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  13. Health and Housing, Liz Zacharias, Director, Campbell Tickell
  14. AHB funding, Eddie Magowan, Senior Associate Consultant, Campbell Tickell


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CT Brief – Issue 66

Welcome to the latest CT Brief - Issue 66. Articles on damp & mould, target operating models, consumer regulation, tenant engagement, and more!

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