Irish Refugee Council: Implementing Alternatives to Direct Provision report

The Irish Refugee Council has published a new report: Implementing Alternatives to Direct Provision

The Irish Refugee Council commissioned Campbell Tickell to produce the report, which aims to bridge the gap between the recommendations of the Advisory Group Report published in October 2020 and the Government White Paper due in February 2021. The report seeks to guide transition from Direct Provision, to a new system of housing for people seeking protection and refugees in 2021 and beyond.

It aims to answer five questions:

  1. What models of accommodation delivery can be used to meet the aim of ending Direct Provision and congregated settings?
  2. How do we transition to those models?
  3. Who should have responsibility for protection accommodation and who should commission and procure accommodation?
  4. What strategy should be used to wind down Direct Provision?
  5. What risks are associated with this wider policy challenge?

The report focusses exclusively on developing new models and approaches for housing those seeking sanctuary and refuge in Ireland. It is hoped this will make a useful contribution to the debate on creating the new system desired by all and mandated by the Programme for Government.

Building on the discussion of alternative models in an informed and considered way, the report considers the views of key stakeholders, including those with lived experience of the current system.

Liz Zacharias, Senior Consultant with Campbell Tickell stated:

The present arrangements for housing and support do not work well, either for asylum seekers themselves or for those operating within the current Direct Provision system. We have been very pleased to work with the Irish Refugee Council on this important subject.

We hope that the report and the approaches we have proposed will be considered seriously by government. We believe these have the potential to create a far better system of support for asylum seekers and refugees who are seeking to build a new life in Ireland, away from persecution, ill treatment, war and conflict. 

Read the executive summary

Read the report


UPDATE FEB 2021: Irish Refugee Council welcome White Paper, focus now on implementation.


To discuss further, please contact Senior Consultant, Liz Zacharias on:


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Irish Refugee Council: Implementing Alternatives to Direct Provision report

The Irish Refugee Council commissioned Campbell Tickell to produce The 'Implementing Alternatives to Direct Provision' report. Find out more.

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