Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith

A CIPFA-qualified, experienced manager and consultant, delivering a variety of finance-based projects. Glenn has worked extensively in housing finance since 1989, operating at a senior level for local authorities – both as an employee and as a consultant. Past employers include the London Borough of Merton, CIPFA, South Gloucestershire Council and Merlin Housing Society.

Glenn has worked in consultancy since 2008, including spells with Tribal, Sector and Capita. He has also operated on a freelance basis and as an associate for HACAS Chapman Hendy and CIH Consultancy. Since 2016 he has operated through his own company, Housing Finance Associates Ltd, where he has developed innovative financial models for use in local authority housing.

Glenn is a self-sufficient and resourceful consultant, with strong IT skills. He has a collaborative approach to working in any team and uses an accessible communication and presentation style that helps non-technical officers, members and tenants to engage with complex financial matters.

Example projects:

  • Strategic housing revenue account business planning for a wide range of local authorities;
  • Sensitivity and stress-testing of financial forecasts, identifying underlying and emerging risks;
  • Assessment of the impact of development and regeneration options on long term financial plans;
  • Analysing the impact of changing business practices and operating models on long term financial forecasts;
  • Briefing on the financial results from a range of business planning scenarios, with options for addressing risks;
  • Social rent calculation and modelling;
  • Development of evidence-based financial business cases.

Key areas of work:

HR financial strategy/HRA business plan development/Financial modelling/Long-term forecasting/ Risk analysis/Stress-testing/Social rents


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