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Alistair is a Senior Consultant at Campbell TIckell.

Alistair has been framing and delivering strategic change initiatives for CT clients over the last nine years, building on a strong track record developed over a career in the private sector.

As UK Operations Director of a software vendor he helped clients deploy digital customer service models. He supported the launch of a mobile telecoms company, and as was one of the national design authorities responsible for the restructuring of the electricity supply industry.

Example projects:

  • Developed target operating models for two Housing Associations, defining organisational redesign and cultural change programmes;
  • Defined and delivered a business transformation strategy on behalf of a Local Authority;
  • Undertaken strategic housing reviews on behalf of six Local Authorities;
  • Supported two ALMOs in creating strategic vision statements;
  • Prepared an ICT strategy for a housing association and supported a range of other clients in defining, procuring and implementing corporate ICT solutions.

Key areas of work:

  • Strategy /Transformation/ICT/Governance/ Performance

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