Risk management review

Case Study

Risk management review

CT was commissioned by TCHG to conduct a risk management review.

The Brief

The Community Housing Group (TCHG) commissioned us to conduct a risk management review, as it sought to reinstate its top grade regulatory rating.

This project ran in parallel to a governance review.

“We helped TCHG streamline its group structure and meet its overall responsibilities for managing risk.”

Campbell Tickell

Our Approach

We worked on the following:


We followed an earlier Board stress-testing workshop with one on prioritising the Board’s top strategic risks;


Undertook an online survey, individual Board and executive interviews, a comprehensive document review and benchmarking against best practice in risk management.

The Results

Our input helped the Board and the executive team conclude that the overall group structure was too complex, leading to insufficient clarity on how the Parent Board could meet its overall responsibilities for managing risk.

We therefore recommended a significant streamlining of their group structure, which was subsequently realised.

We took several steps to support TCHG to improve is approach to risk management.

We drafted a range of documentation that could be used to successfully oversee and manage risks, including a Corporate Risk Dashboard, a Risk Register and a Board Risk Reporting Framework.


Risk management review

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