Adam Broadway


Adam is an experienced housing and sustainability professional. He has worked in the affordable housing sector as a senior director for over 30 years. His primary focus has been delivering new affordable housing for various client groups across England. As the focus on sustainability issues grew, so did Adam’s work on the issues. This led Adam to set up Instinctively Green in 2009 to provide strategic sustainability advice and support to businesses and on large scale developments.

Adam is now a Senior Associate Consultant with Campbell Tickell. He is currently operating as a member of the CT teams working with London Councils on the Retrofit London Programme Implementation Plan, and working with Legal & General Affordable Homes.



Adam has been engaged and delivering sustainable housing solutions for over 15 years. He has worked on large scale masterplans such at Ashton Green (3500 homes in Leicester), West Reading Eco Village (850 homes), Northallerton Urban Extension (1500 homes, St Cuthbert’s (3500 home in Carlisle) and the Woodford Aerodrome project in Cheshire. His work included embedding the principles of sustainability into the master planning exercise.

He has also helped organisations such as Orbit, Midland Heart, Hundred Houses, Colne and Flagship devise and implement their corporate sustainability strategies.

Community engagement

As part of Adam’s work in the housing and sustainability sectors, he has devised and delivered a range of community and stakeholder engagement exercises. All the above projects had some form of broader engagement which Adam successfully delivered. In addition, Adam led on the Bletchley Transport Engagement Strategy.

Community led housing

Using Adam’s housing development and sustainability experience, he now provides project advice to a number of community-led housing projects. This builds on his experience of setting up and leading on the delivery of Marmalade Lane, Cambridge which is the multi-award-winning Cohousing project.

Housing expertise

Adam is recognised as an experienced housing professional and has worked at Director level at Nene Housing, Flagship Group and recently at Funding Affordable Homes. He has embedded sustainable design and quality into each business’s design standards.

At Nene, he delivered the first Eco House project and the first DTI Photovoltaic project in Peterborough. He understands the issues of delivering net zero carbon homes. He has also provided advice to housing associations on their retrofit programmes and worked on the DTI Retrofit Trial Programme in early 2010s (Bedford).

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