Kathy James


Kathy is a Senior Associate with Campbell Tickell. She is a specialist in governance, risk and business assurance and has more than 20 years’ experience in risk management, internal audit and control, and counter fraud arrangements in the social housing sector.

Until late 2016, Kathy was Head of Business Assurance at Sovereign Housing, a large association in south east/west England. In that role, she developed assurance arrangements; embedded the risk management framework; strengthened the focus on risk appetite, mitigation and controls; sourced and implemented a risk management IT system; transformed the Internal Audit Function; and developed a counter-fraud framework and culture.

Previously Kathy spent over 15 years as a Regulation Manager at the Housing Corporation, undertaking relationship management of a portfolio of large associations in London, the South West and Wales and specialising in stock transfer. A supervision specialist, she worked with executives and Boards to resolve regulatory issues, principally relating to governance.

Kathy’s recent assignments have included:

  • A range of risk and assurance projects including reviewing risk management frameworks; running bespoke Board and staff workshops on risk management, developing bespoke risk registers; developing audit committee effectiveness; delivering workshops on risk appetite, assessing and improving frameworks for assurance, including compliance and internal controls; drafting probity policies, including anti-fraud and corruption, bribery, and anti-money laundering; supporting the procurement and implementation of distributed risk management systems; and reviewing assurance of regulatory compliance.
  • Supporting a range of associations to prepare for an In-Depth Assessment, including extensive document reviews which identified likely areas of regulatory focus, strengths and areas for improvement.
  • On two occasions, Kathy has been Interim Director of Governance at Curo Housing Group.

Kathy’s clients include the following housing associations in the UK: Catalyst, Chelmer HP, Cornerstone, Dimensions, Eastlight, ForViva, Golding, GreenSquareAccord, Ocean, One Manchester, Origin, Orwell, St Mungo’s, South Liverpool Housing, and Wandle. In Ireland Kathy has worked with Sue Ryder Ireland and Clanmil Ireland. She has also been involved in governance reviews for the RNIB, the Office for Nuclear Regulation OFGEM and London Marathon Charitable Trust.  Most recently, Kathy has been involved in governance reviews for Irwell Valley Housing and risk reviews for Tuntum, Local Space and IDS.

Kathy is a Board member of a small but innovative customer orientated housing association – SHAL, based in Bridgewater, which owns and manages nearly 800 units, where she chairs the Audit and Risk Committee.

Kathy holds a Degree in Geography and a Master’s in Business Administration, specialising in Strategy, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Innovation and Change.

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