Board away day: governance culture, dynamics & strategy
Eight people sit around a wooden table covered in large pieces of blank white paper.  Four coffee cups, two tablets and a green plant sit on the table.
Amnesty International UK Section (AIUK) wanted support to help the Board review and enhance its effectiveness, examine governance culture and dynamics, and engage in strategic planning.

We were commissioned to plan and facilitate two away days for the Board to realise these aims.

Our approach:

We tailored the content of these away days using both our extensive understanding of good governance and an assessment of the specific position of AIUK.

Radojka Miljevic worked with key stakeholders to ensure that the sessions met the current needs of the organisation. As a practised facilitator, Radojka’s focus in the sessions was to enable the Board to ‘have a different conversation with themselves’. She worked to help stimulate change, encouraging and drawing out effective challenge from peers and watching out for when a change of mood or pace was needed.


As a result of the session, Board members and senior staff created a new set of priorities for the corporate plan and outlined the kinds of changes needed in the organisation to ensure its fitness for purpose to deliver those priorities.

In terms of governance, a number of changes were floated at the Board away day. Some of these (around how the Board works, its culture and focus, or how the issue of Board skills is addressed) were implemented immediately; some linked up with other discussions and eventually led to a set of Special Resolutions which were put to the organisation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

A new Strategic Plan was set out for the AIUK Section for the next five years. An important priority was to double the number of supporters, members and activists in the UK. This plan for 2016-20 had considerable support at the AGM.

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