Stock rationalisation: Southern Housing Group and Hyde
Campbell Tickell was commissioned by a Southern Housing Group (SHG) to assist in acquiring stock from Hyde, who had four portfolio markets available through a market competitive process.

Our approach:

CT were initially commissioned to prepare SHG’s bid, advise on the bid pricing (including financial modelling), and comment on the quality submission.

Following Hyde’s acceptance of SHG’s offer for two of the four portfolios, CT project managed the process for SHG up to exchange of contracts and then completion.

The timetable to complete was demanding and we were able to guide the process to a successful completion.


SHG was able to secure two out of four of the stock which was being offered by Hyde. In total 379 homes was purchased, spanning across Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

Southern Housing Group Chief Executive, Alan Townshend said:

I am delighted to welcome our new residents in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. We look forward to providing them with our excellent customer services. The Campbell Tickell team worked hard alongside Southern’s staff to complete the transfer quickly and smoothly.

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