Rents and service charge review
Rents And Service Charge
Campbell Tickell was initially commissioned by a substantial registered provider to help resolve queries by the Regulator on the Statistical Data Return and the level of rents charged during the 1% rent reductions. 

Our approach:

We met with the relevant staff, compared what they had done to the requirements of the Welfare Reform and Work Act, and confirmed that the rules had been misapplied to one group of tenancies. We then established which units it applied to and validated the calculation of the overcharged rent to tenants.  

Finally, we provided assurance that the rent policies for all the tenancy types complied with the Rent Standard, making suggestions to remove ambiguity and make easier to follow. Results were reported to the Board at each key stage.  


The Board received assurance on: 

  • The application of the rules for the 1% rent reduction.  
  • The amount of the overcharge to residents. 
  • That the rent setting policies were fully compliant with the Rent Standard and met best practice and were a sound basis for setting rents in the future.  

Find out how Campbell Tickell can help your organisation: 

  • Reviewing rent and service charge levels 
  • Ensuring compliance policies and procedures are followed 
  • Guidance on determining whether there are any issues with rent or service charges  
  • Assurance for the Board that rents are being set correctly 
  • Calculating any overcharges or undercharges 
  • Exploring any regulatory queries, e.g. on Statistical Data Returns 
  • Advising organisations that are exempt from the Rent Standard 

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