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Campbell Tickell was commissioned by Eden Housing Association to undertake an organisation-wide culture audit. This was done to help its leadership gain a better insight into where the organisation excels and to identify any areas for improvement.

Our approach:

To undertake this culture audit, we used our tried and tested  CultureScan© tool.

We conducted an anonymous survey which was tailored to the housing sector and was then distributed to colleagues within the organisation. To enrich the research, we also carried out four focus groups with Eden Housing Association staff to explore some of the key themes that came out of the survey.

A final report and presentation of the findings was then presented to the board.


Participants welcomed the opportunity to share their views which ultimately enabled Eden Housing Association to gain a greater understanding of their culture, enabling them to identify areas where they excel and could potentially improve.

The insights gained from the CultureScan was used by the board to inform some of their decisions.

Beth Furneaux, Chair at Eden Housing Association said:

“CultureScan is a unique and impressive organisational development/staff survey tool which is simple to use and has its well thought-out seven pillars of a positive culture and traffic light ranking, it is easy to understand. Additional questions pertinent to your own business can be incorporated and follow-up workshops are invaluable in diving deeper into the issues raised by the survey and validating the results. It gets under the skin to provide a true and accurate picture of the prevailing culture, warts and all. If you want to understand what’s really going on and what people actually think about your organisation, CultureScan will not disappoint. Its insight is priceless.”


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