6 July: Safety in Neighbourhoods Webinar

6 July: Safety in Neighbourhoods Webinar


Pride and sense of belonging to an area can be greatly impacted by whether a person feels safe in their home and on the street. Indeed, tackling Anti-Social Behaviour and low-level crime has garnered much political attention in recent weeks with Government and the Opposition outlining how they will Crack Down to Level Up.

Join us for NHC’s first Safety in Neighbourhoods Webinar held in partnership with Campbell Tickell to discuss the complex challenge of nurturing community safety as one part of a holistic approach to creating and maintaining thriving neighbourhoods.

We’ll be joined by guest speakers and good practice case studies from within the NHC membership leading an agenda encompassing education, mental health support, meaningful community engagement, and effective collaboration both within organisations and across areas with emergency services and wider stakeholders.


06 Jul 2023


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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