Housing regulation
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Housing regulation in the Republic of Ireland has been developed over recent years, in preparation for statutory arrangements anticipated to be enacted in 2018.

Campbell Tickell worked with the Housing Agency Regulation Office in Ireland in 2014-15 to develop the new Financial Standard and Assessment Framework. 

Our approach:

We consulted a wide range of stakeholders, including Approved Housing Bodies (AHB) of different sizes, in accordance with RP the regulator’s risk-based approach, officers from the Housing Agency Regulation Office, banks and investors, and representative bodies for the wider sector. We developed a framework for financial regulation, and for assessing AHBs’ compliance with best practice in ensuring and maintaining financial viability.


The final document (accessible here) details the standard expected of each AHB in relation to financial viability. Meeting these standards should ensure future viability for these organisations, with long-term protection for their housing assets and their tenants.

In 2017, we were again commissioned by the Agency to develop the corresponding Governance Standard and Assessment Framework for housing regulation.

Both exercises have involved consultation with social housing landlords across Ireland, as well as officers from the Housing Agency Regulation Office itself and other relevant stakeholders.

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