Pretty much everyone agrees that organisational culture matters.


A positive culture creates better performance, innovation and job satisfaction, not to mention competitiveness. You name it, culture does the trick. When things go wrong, negative (or even toxic) culture is often at the root. Much business literature majors on the subject, while inspirational speakers can dine out on it every night of the week.

So how good is the culture of your organisation? 


For a start, in most organisations the top brass has a rosier view than those at the front line. Not surprising maybe, but not widely appreciated. Equally, there may be more than one culture at work – by office, team, length of service or other defining characteristics. In any case, what are the best metrics and language to define culture? It goes way beyond staff satisfaction of course, but what words can best describe the attributes of the desired positive culture for your various workplaces?

After some eighteen months of research, product development and pilot projects, we have launched our innovative CultureScan© tool, which aims to answer these questions for our clients across all sectors.

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