I was hesitant about booking for ‘the art of the online chair’ masterclass with James Tickell and Tracey McEachran. Whilst I recognised the difference in approach that online chairing required, I was unsure what it would be like attending an online course.

I was really surprised how easy and rewarding I found this online experience. I am acutely aware that it all depends on whose leading the course and how comfortable and confident they are with the virtual world, and as course leaders. I learnt so many tips and tricks, as well and gained confidence in my own capability in the online world space. I enjoyed meeting others in virtual space and sharing experiences from across the UK.

Tracey and James are excellent course leaders and undertake their roles with super style, great engagement and demonstrate their deep experience and insight. It has made a difference to me and Pobl Group!

Wendy Bourton
Pobl Group Board Chair, Pobl

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Niku and Campbell Tickell for making our virtual board training session so successful. The board training event was for a new board which had recently been recruited for Shropshire Council Housing Company. The recruitment and the training took place during the Covid crisis and was the first virtual training session many of the board members have taken part in. The event was organised fantastically well, the pre-planning, the exercises and feedback session. Niku was a great trainer and pulled the board together successfully in difficult circumstances. Our entire group had a wonderful time and the session bought the board together.

Shropshire Council & Cornovii Developments
Harpreet Rayet BA (Hons), MSc, MBA, Director of Development, Shropshire Council & Cornovii Developments

Thank you for an excellent initiative, which was well run and expertly facilitated. It gave a timely opportunity for the Board to consider the post-Covid environment and feed into our strategic planning process. I would thoroughly recommend CT’s scenario planning exercise.

Accent Housing
Tom Miskell, Chair, Accent Housing

PA has deployed the specialist services provided by Campbell Tickell in a range of business areas. Their experts have enabled us to enhance our activities in a faster, professional and cost-effective manner to complement the work performed by my colleagues. I would have no hesitation in recommending Campbell Tickell to other organisations.

PA Housing
Dilip Kavi, Chief Executive, PA Housing

What we discovered was that there was no such thing as too much communication. It was communication, communication, communication.

In that regard, the WhatsApp Group Campbell Tickell set up was really, really useful. It gave chief execs a safe space to offload, to ask questions, to check what other people were doing, to sense-check, to check stuff. It was really helpful, and I’d like to carry that sort of forum forward.

I think actually it accelerated decision-making in the sector and helped us make better decisions more quickly.

Grand Union Housing & Chartered Institute of Housing
Aileen, Evans Group CEO of Grand Union Housing & President of CIH, Grand Union Housing & Chartered Institute of Housing

Personally, I left the session armed with some extremely useful techniques, tailored for the virtual meeting environment, which I will incorporate in the forthcoming round of Board discussions.

Bernadette Hewitt
Chair, Glasgow Housing Association

Excellent session, thanks to Tracey and James.

James Muir
Chairman, Wheatley Group

Hilary Gardner was focused and professional and was instrumental in moving the project forward, keeping it on track and maintaining a critical friend role throughout. Support from Sue Harvey was also invaluable.

Willow Tree Housing Partnership
Donna Johnson, Chief Executive , Willow Tree Housing Partnership

Campbell Tickell worked with us over a number of months to develop our Strategic Plan 2020-2022. Kathleen McKillion and Nicola McCrudden expertly guided us through the process, getting to know HAIL and what we were about. Liaising with a lot of stakeholders and ensuring everyone was heard and reflected in the plan is not an easy task but I really believe that we have that in our final document.
Both were very professional and easy to work with. Big thanks to all the team!

Housing Association for Integrated Living
Martina Smith, CEO , Housing Association for Integrated Living

SPEAR engaged Campbell Tickell to lead on the recruitment of a new Chief Executive recently. From the start CT showed a clear understanding of what Trustees and the charity needed from a new CE and they carried out a professional and wide ranging search to attract a strong field of candidates. CT supported SPEAR throughout with clear guidance, analysis and assistance through responsive and prompt action and ensured the best possible outcome for the charity. We now look forward to our new CE arriving in May.

Paul Doe, Chair, SPEAR

It has been a pleasure to work with Campbell Tickell on our recent GDPR project for Soha. You have made a huge, practical difference to our compliance, processes and understanding of GDPR issues.

Soha Housing
Kate Wareing, Chief Executive, Soha Housing

Radius was developing a funding strategy, with implications for our tenants and future business.
Under the expert facilitation of Campbell Tickell, we risk assessed our operating environment, business opportunities and investment priorities, culminating in a plan to take us forward over the next 5 years. Their practical insight into the challenges of the UK social housing sector enabled our Board to guide discussions towards a tangible and coherent action plan.

Radius Housing
John McLean, Chief Executive, Radius Housing

We’d like to give a big thanks to Campbell Tickell for their support in our preparation for the Regulator of Social Housing’s IDA. Sue and her team engaged with the Board and executive team to maximise the benefits beyond regulatory performance and to rehearse the key interviewees.

During our IDA we received really positive feedback, particularly around our documentation. The ‘top tips’ summary sheets for each topic and the briefing notes that we prepared with CT’s support were very effective. And we were in a confident position following the interview preparations, which stood us in excellent stead for the real thing!

Catherine Farrington, Corporate Services Director, Onward

Excellent engagement and high quality challenge, providing great insights as well as a very useful and thorough review of the fundamentals. A real value adding service as well as being good Value For Money.

Housing 21
Bruce Moore, Chief Executive, Housing 21

CT were easy to work with. The process was good and we had a good range of candidates.

Shepherds Bush Housing Group
Matt Campion, Chief Executive, Shepherds Bush Housing Group

One Housing was going through a period of change and transformation. At the start of the process we wanted to gain some good intelligence about our people – their values and their views of us. We worked with Campbell Tickell to carry out a CultureScan.

The work gave us vital insights into how the organisation really works – as opposed to how we thought it did. It highlighted real strengths for us to work with; for example that many staff valued and recognised our commitment to diversity and this was a key part of their work experience. But we also found challenges – our commitment to empowering front-line managers, for example, was not a reality to many, who felt decision making was slow. The scan gave us a better sense of our overall culture, and also identified the pockets where local cultures were different. Perhaps most importantly, it gave us a strong sense of what we need to do to create the vibrant, focused, fun culture that we aim for.

One Housing Group
Richard Hill, Chief Executive, One Housing Group

Extremely accessible team who provide a high support high challenge approach to their work. Extremely knowledgeable about their field of work inspiring confidence with their recommendations

South Liverpool Homes
Claire Ryan, Executive Director of Investment & Assurance , South Liverpool Homes

High quality work, lots of engagement throughout the project. very knowledgeable, and very good meeting facilitation. All work completed to time and to a good standard.

Mind in London
Patrick Taylor, Mind in London

I would like to thank Campbell Tickell for their help and support during the recruitment of a new Chief Executive. From the initial reply, to our tender invitation, it was clear that CT’s attention to detail; searching out our needs and the support to the senior members of the board to refine their thinking; made all the difference to the final outcome. The innovative approach employed to involve the full board has been commented on and the final agreement by them made the selection of the best candidate a relatively simple matter. The list of potential applicants was wide and varied and gave us the opportunity to test the market and line up a new CEO to fit our needs in the next stage of our development. It was gratifying to note that the panels of Trustees and CT’s own interviews brought out the same results. This gave the board a measure of confidence added to their own thoughts in the final analysis. The whole process was designed to involve as many of the board as wished to take part, with the final selection of the last 3 being attended by the full board. This gave the necessary buy-in by the board and was handled in an innovative way with presentations from the candidates. I would have no problem in recommending Campbell Tickell for recruitment or other work in our space, you seem to have a great and detailed understanding of the needs of our sector.

The Iveagh Trust
Chairman, The Iveagh Trust

Campbell Tickell provided excellent support as our Senior Team developed and refined our latest business model facilitated by BRIXX. Our Board wanted to ensure that this year’s business planning cycle included rigorous stress testing of a wide range of scenarios and that Board members fully understood the combination of risks that combined to create our perfect storm. Campbell Tickell’s enabling work facilitated the Board as they identified and reviewed our key risks and their impact. This enabled the Board to challenge senior management effectively on the Association’s mitigation plans.

Christian Action Housing
Mark Hayes, Chief Executive, Christian Action Housing

We secured development funding through the Life Chances Fund to develop three Social Impact Bonds. We commissioned Campbell Tickell to help conduct research and support the development of a business case for full applications to the Life Chances Fund. I found CT to be professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. Their support and work has resulted in us making two full applications to the Life Chances Fund. I would recommend CT. Liz and Shaun were brilliant.

Nottingham City Council
Karla Banfield, Market and Business Partnership Manager, Nottingham City Counil

We commissioned Campbell Tickell to advise and support the development of our current ambitious and forward-looking Housing Strategy, ‘Building Together for a Strong Future’. We found that the team had a range of expertise and skills sets which were used to good effect over the course of the project. Our experience of Campbell Tickell was that they worked well in conjunction with council officers as part of a rounded and interactive project team. With support and advice from Campbell Tickell we now have an adopted Housing Strategy that reflects the council’s ambitions for the future.

Stoke-on-Trent Council
Carl Brazier,Director of Housing and Customer Services,Stoke-on-Trent

The Good to Great Governance programme overall has been excellent. The delivery has been of high quality and I like the accessibility of the webinar format. As a new charity, the programme had been valuable in ensuring we are set things up correctly and are doing the right things. It has clarified the role of board members and the executive, and develops confidence to remind board members of their responsibilities. The supa-regional event facilitated some helpful conversations and reinforced some of the skills, knowledge and experience we needed to consider when recruiting new members of our board. It was very timely as a result.

Energise Me
Julie Amies, Chief Executive, Energise Me

In preparation for the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act and our Early Adopter Homelessness Prevention Trailblazer pilot (funded by the CLG), we commissioned Campbell Tickell to undertake a review of our homeless hostels for single people and temporary accommodation for homeless families, with a view to make best use of limited resources. Liz Zacharias and Karen Patten conducted the review sensitively and professionally and gave us well thought-out options for improving the pathway for homeless people in Southwark. They listened to us and understood the range of stakeholder requirements. They delivered a first class report and platform for going forward.

Southwark Council
Paul Langford, Director of Resident Services, Southwark Council

Following a governance review three years ago we appointed Campbell Tickell to undertake a Board effectiveness review to give us a sense check about our progress and to see how we could continue to improve having undergone some renewal on the Board. Greg Campbell and Rosie Chapman led the review in a thoughtful way reflecting the complexity of Nacro with businesses operating in different markets, with a variety of funders and regulators. The review supported our strategic away day and gave us helpful direction for improvements in governance as we embark on the review of our Corporate Strategy. I would recommend Greg and Rosie.

Nigel Chapman, Board Chair

We engaged Campbell Tickell to undertake some facilitation and review work with our Board of Management. This work included interviewing all Board members, and then facilitating a Board workshop on effective modern governance within a bilingual work environment, which resulted in the delivery of a clear outcome report with recommendations on Board member recruitment and training, Board agenda structure and a refocus on strategic issues and emerging sector risks.

This work was delivered on time and within budget, and assisted the Board and the Executive Team in reviewing the strategic governance and accountability of this large scale stock transfer association at a pivotal point at the end of its first five years. We definitely gained from the experience which James and his team brought to the workshop, and their honest and challenging approach was effective in moving the Association’s governance thinking forward.

Tai Ceredigion Housing Association
Steve Jones, Chief Executive

I have been to many presentations on VFM over the last few years, but yesterday’s session from Campbell Tickell was head and shoulders above the rest. The feedback I have had from PlaceShapers’ members bore this out. The Guide they have produced for us was a great piece of work which is already becoming essential reading for associations who want to move up a gear on their VFM journey.

South Yorkshire Housing Association
Tony Stacey, Chief Executive

I have had a good read of the report this afternoon and just wanted to say I think it is really great. I have also looked at the management agreement and it’s great too. This really gives me what I need – a robust overview of where we are at, with key risks highlighted, all of which you have pulled together very promptly. Thank you very much for what is an excellent report.

Together Housing Group
Sue Lewis, Group Head Supported Housing

Thank you so much Jon for facilitating our Board away-day. I feel that I have a better understanding of what our board needs are and where we see CCH going. Everyone enjoyed the day. The follow up notes were really helpful and we are looking forward to utilising them as the basis of our new business plan.

Confederation of Co-operative Housing
Paula Farrow, Chair

Alistair’s work to develop our new service model was excellent and I wanted to feed this back to you. He has led the wider project team in pulling together our concept and created a solid/deliverable proposition which has achieved the support of our Board. Everyone at Thrive has really enjoyed working with him, please pass on my thanks.

Thrive Homes
Elspeth Mackenzie, Chief Executive

CT carried out a Governance Review for Settle. Ben Wilson ensured that the process was really inclusive and the background work thorough. I think this reassured the board that CT had really got an understanding of both governance and where the business has got to, and crucially, where it needs to go in future. The final report provided an opportunity to learn about best practice in governance in housing and other sectors, with a clear focus on the modes the board needs to operate in and the importance of behaviours in the boardroom.

Gavin Cansfield, Chief Executive, Settle

The new written style and structure which James [Tickell] developed for the Charity Commission have really helped to broaden the appeal of our publications, and improve our ability to reach a much wider audience. In just 14 weeks we’ve had orders for 40,000 copies of the first publication he wrote for us – a huge increase on the usual levels of demand. This work is an important contribution to our effectiveness as a regulator. He produced all this very quickly for us and we’ve had many unprompted compliments on the clarity of the guidance.

The Charity Commission
Nick Mott, Head of Policy Development Guidance and Review

Our Tenants Panel review project was managed sensitively and effectively by Irene Banon. With Irene’s help our Tenants Panel has a clear direction for the future, supported by a workable framework for implementing the changes. I would highly recommend to others.

Welwyn Hatfield Council
Simone Chinman Russell, Executive Director, Housing and Communities, Welwyn Hatfield Council

Radojka has worked with the Board, Senior Management Team and wider group of Managers of Amnesty International UK. She has run awaydays for both Managers and Board and she brings a real ability to get to the best out of such occasions. She plans the events well, is adaptable on the day, builds real rapport with people and also drives the participants to deliver their best being open to challenge and new ideas. She knows the value of these occasions, ensures they are well used and invariably gets great feedback from all involved. Her insights, delivered with tact and humour are based on a wealth of experience and she has lent that knowledge to us in a way which has helped us all do great work.

Amnesty International
Kate Allen, Director

Thank you so much to Greg and team for an outstanding job in helping us recruit our new Chairman. Your help with what was a thorough process and in supporting our final selection was invaluable. All candidates spoke very highly of the whole process and the calibre of candidates was exceptional. We could have appointed any one of the last three candidates, which is testament to the great job by you and your team. All together a rigorous process and appointment. Michael, our CEO, and the Board are delighted with the outcome.

Broadland Group
Jenny Manser, Chairman

I’d like to thank Gera, Bill and your team for all your efforts on our Chief Executive recruitment. I believe we couldn’t have made a better appointment, we are delighted to have Denise on board and we’re all really looking forward to working with her.

We felt your recruitment process was rigorous albeit with flexibility, you listened to us and adapted your approach accordingly. I also appreciated your willingness to go the extra mile and, for example, conduct evening meetings and take weekend calls, to accommodate availability constraints.

This was an excellent quality and a good value for money process. I really enjoyed working with CT and I am sure Women’s Pioneer will be happy to work with you in the future.

Women’s Pioneer Housing
Maureen Hopcroft, Chairman

Gera Patel, Partner at Campbell Tickell, and her colleague impressed us with their forethought and their honesty and grasped the key issues through careful questioning and investigation. They helped us review our previous specification and made us think through afresh what we really were looking for and why. They also got the right balance between doing the work for us and ensuring that we were comfortable and owned the process at each stage.

Gerry Marshall
Circles UK
Gerry Marshall, Chair

We have worked with Campbell Tickell on a number of occasions, most recently on the appointment of our Chief Executive. We selected CT as a result of a competitive process. They impressed us from the start throughout with their knowledge, and expertise, experience of and success in appointing at this level, combined with depth of reach into the sector, with enough into sectors more widely (the latter which was important to us in this appointment).

From the start they showed that they wanted to “walk in our shoes”, to find the right person for our role, and this way of working came across strongly all the way along. Their back up administration was superb, they shouldered a lot of this and it was all spot on. The search, and attraction strategy worked well. There was contact with the lead consultant (Gera Patel) throughout, who kept us briefed and ahead of things all the way along. The stages of the selection process were effective, it was the right mix to ensure we had a good field and the final selection event was well thought out, well designed and tested out all that was needed. We felt very effectively supported throughout. They presented to and worked with our key stakeholders in a highly professional and sensitive way.

What stood out for us was they were willing to push us to think about things we might not have thought of ourselves. They didn’t just “take our brief” but listened, and added a huge amount of value. We have a super appointee as a result. Thank you.

Bron Afon
Andrew Lawrence, Board Chair, Bron Afon

Campbell Tickell were appointed by the Trust to support us in ensuring that we have the highest standard of corporate governance. During the past few months James Tickell, Ben Wilson and Radojka Miljevic have worked with the Trust’s Board to help them review the governance framework, make recommendations for improvement and produce an action plan for implementation. Their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm have been obvious to everyone involved in the project and I have no hesitation in recommending their services around governance to other organisations.

Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust
Matthew Applegate, Chief Executive, Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust

Helen Gregory from Campbell Tickell developed the project and worked with staff to set up a customer centric Income Management Service at Thrive Homes that supports customers who are about to become tenants and then to maintain their tenancy for as long as they wish to continue it. She brought a wealth of knowledge and good practice to the project but also a very practical understanding of the challenges involved in developing a new way of working. This was a tremendous support to staff and gave them the confidence to persevere in establishing an effective team. Helen has an easy accessible style of working that enables her to work with both customers and staff throughout the organisation. The project was delivered on time, on budget and achieved its objective.

Thrive Homes
Elspeth Mackenzie, Chief Executive

Pound for pound, the best value consultancy we have ever had.

MHS Homes
Ashley Hook, Chief Executive

We were pleased with the report. It was clear, thorough, covered what we wanted and avoided the pitfalls we’d feared of being over complicated and detailed.

Affinity Trust
Leo Sowerby, CEO

As a newly merged charity, one of the critical tasks is getting our governance right for the future. Campbell Tickell have been exceptional at working with trustees from both the former charities, as well as the executive, in helping set both the structure and the tone for the St Mungo’s board to come together in a way that has reinforced the rationale for merger and our combined values. In short, we have got ‘further, faster, better’ than we could ever have done on our own.

St Mungo’s
Howard Sinclair, Chief Executive, St Mungo’s

The report you have prepared is an excellent piece of work. It is clear and the recommendations easily implementable … a ready to use document.

Tuntum Housing Association
Richard Renwick, Chief Executive

We needed to ascertain the baseline levels of awareness of the Housing Ombudsman Service from its users and key stakeholders, and to review whether there were any factors which precluded access to the Service by those who are entitled to it. Campbell Tickell carried out imaginative and thorough research involving tenants, landlords, and a range

Housing Ombudsman

We engaged Karen Patten of Campbell Tickell to review our draft submission for an important tender. Karen’s review proved to be invaluable to us, pointing out areas of strength and suggesting areas for improvement in a helpful and constructive manner. Her extensive experience of tenders from both a provider and commissioner perspective was crucial in helping us achieve the required standard. In the end we were delighted to hear that our tender had been accepted, and that we scored very highly in the process. I would be delighted to recommend Karen for similar reviews in the future.

Evolve Housing & Support
Jeremy Gray, Chief Executive, Evolve Housing & Support