Engaging Campbell Tickell’s services

Ensuring Campbell Tickell is the right fit for your project and organisation is as vital for us as it is for you.

Having worked with more than 1,000 organisations across the UK, Ireland and beyond, we understand and are accustomed to procurement processes and requirements within the public and private sectors, and are happy to discuss the most appropriate route for your particular project.

If your organisation is able to commission directly, or you wish to invite us directly to tender or quote for a project, please get in touch in any of the following ways:

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Alternatively if you wish to procure via a framework, please see below.


Procurement Frameworks


CT’s consultancy and recruitment services can be purchased through a number of frameworks. Procurement frameworks help to streamline the selection and purchasing process, saving time and money. Each framework operates differently, so please contact us, or the relevant procurement organisation for full details.

Cirrus PurchasingCirrus Purchasing

Our interim and permanent recruitment services can be procured via Cirrus’s Agency framework. We are an approved supplier on the lots for recruitment of executive and management level staff.

Visit Cirruss Purchasing’s website for more details.

Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO)

CT’s recruitment services can also be procured via ESPO’s Strategic HR Services framework.

Our consultancy services are available through ESPO’s Consultancy Services framework including: Lot 4b Social Care (Adults), Lot 8a Asset Management and Delivery and Lot 8e Housing and Housing Support.

Visit ESPO’s website for more details.

Additional Frameworks

We are on a number of other frameworks including NEPO, Bloom and Constellia’s Neutral Vendor Services Marketplace, and are happy to discuss the best procurement route for each project.

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Campbell Tickell is an established multi-disciplinary management and recruitment consultancy, operating across the UK and Ireland, focusing on the housing, social care, local government, sport, leisure, charity and voluntary sectors. We are a values-based business and firmly place the positioning of our support and challenge on helping organisations to attain change that is well thought through, planned and sustainable. At CT, we want to help organisations create the landscape within which we ourselves would like to exist: fair, inclusive, diverse, engaged and transparent. We build from our values in how we approach all our work as a practice. Find out more about CT’s Services
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