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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Campbell Tickell is continuing to hold all events online for the time being. Visit our website for updates.

Video: Shereen Daniels, managing director of HR Rewired, discusses how leadership styles have transformed during the pandemic

ACEVO - Eastern CEO Group: Five lessons from leading during a difficult time

6 July, online

CT is sponsoring this member-only event at which Radojka Miljevic will be speaking and Essex Wildlife Trust director of operations, Eliot Lyne, will share some of the lessons learned from his previous experience as interim finance director and interim CEO at RNIB. He will talk about the importance of purpose, culture, and effectiveness of governance machinery. The aim of this meeting is to inspire confidence that the things we are doing now are not just about survival. They are the essence of good charity leadership. And that we are developing, in all of us, a fabulously equipped generation of leaders for the challenges of the post-Covid future.

Northern Housing Consortium Cyber Security Roundtable

7 July, online

This session is intended as an eye-opener for executives and board members. It will help you become better aware of the risks and enable you to ask the right questions of IT managers and providers to gain the best possible assurance. Join James Tickell, with his focus on governance and leadership, and Jo Sedley-Burk, who has extensive knowledge of where the weak spots may lie within an organisation’s systems, for a discussion on the very real risk the sector faces from cyber attack.


Services: New online services and training directory

We’ve launched our new online services and training directory, which outlines the wide range of online workshops, seminars and masterclasses that can be delivered by our experienced consultancy team.

Video: Whats next for housing associations?

In this short video, CT Partners Greg Campbell, Sue Harvey, Radojka Miljevic, James Tickell and David William, discuss what they think are some of the key issues facing housing associations in the coming months

Blog: A national response to the housing crisis

In this guest blog, Ninesh Muthiah, CEO at Home Connections, details the importance of social housing professionals making full use of the country’s social housing stock to respond to the growing demand for affordable housing.


CT CultureScan

In this challenging time, many organisations have been working to keep staff engaged. Retaining your culture while you have a lot of your team operating from home isn’t easy. The CT CultureScan can help you identify potential problems early.

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