Reimagining, Resilience, Recovery

We believe there are three strategic pillars which should be shaping an ‘upstream’ response to the challenges and opportunities for organisations in this interstitial space. We call them the three Rs and they are: Reimagining, Resilience and Recovery.

As Campbell Tickell, we have a role in strategic commentary in our sectors, and in provoking and challenging clients. Our ability to navigate change conversations has always been intrinsic to our offer. Our core strengths are well matched to working in partnership with our clients to answer the inevitable ‘what next?’ set of questions, created by the new ways of working and connecting that are being adopted. We believe the three Rs provide a tool for initiating and developing change conversations.

This is an unusual moment in the unfolding drama of the pandemic, a space in between the known past and the unknown future. It’s the suspended nature of this present moment that allows for a surveying and re-evaluation of what needs to change and what needs to remain. Many leaders find themselves with degrees of ‘headspace’ and want to use that time to think differently about their operating models and about how they lead. We have seen leaders reaching out to each other to sense-check some of their difficult choices. The value of being connected has strengthened.

We also know that the acute nature of the initial crisis has brought agency and pace to organisations. Dreamed-of changes that might have taken many months to deliver have suddenly been implemented within days. There have been realisations that some things are less important than might have been imagined in the past.

We set out below our strategic pillars for the key considerations for our clients, and details of how we can help.


Within a very short space of time, organisations have started to act and feel differently. The challenge now is to maintain momentum and imagine what the new reality looks like. To revert to previous norms would waste the opportunity for change that has emerged.

The CT offer is to help you to reimagine your organisation. We will then support you through the change process to deliver your vision. This is not solely about systems’ and process. Reimagination embraces culture, leadership, next generation (diversity and succession), governance, workplace, new service models, approaches to meeting the needs of vulnerable people or people in need, new ways of working in partnership and new service offers for stakeholders, and commissioners, recruitment, and communications. Together we can accelerate change.


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The impact of the pandemic on the economy, people, and business has been, and will continue to be, far reaching. Boundaries of resilience have been challenged. Some will find it hard to adjust and remain robust.

The CT offer includes a suite of services aimed at understanding and building business resilience. This includes financial planning, merger & acquisition, asset planning, leadership and governance, staffing and service development, and approaches to business development. Our offer reflects our core strength – refreshed to capture the new reality.


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We recognise some business areas will need to be supported to recover. Temporary solutions deployed in times of crisis are not in most cases suitable as permanent changes. For example, asset investment works, reduced to emergency repairs through the crisis, have resulted in significant backlogs of work and compliance. New home development, strategically paused, will emerge into a new marketplace, where values, buyers, incomes, and home design will require reflection and analysis.

The impact on care and sheltered/supported housing, and homelessness services’ residents and staff, will require sensitive and emotionally intelligent leadership, as well as a clear vision for future service delivery and the design of provision.

The CT offer is to work with you to provide resources and project expertise to get your plans back on track to enable you to recover quickly and effectively.


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