Older People’s Housing Strategy
Indoor shot of smiling elderly man sitting on an arm chair at old age home.
A Council commissioned a review of its older people’s housing provision in order to inform its strategy for support and care services.

The overall aim of the project was to determine how far the existing system enabled older people to live independently in the community for as long as possible, and to develop an older people’s pathway and a future strategy to improve on this.

Our approach:

We modelled the Council’s demographics projected forward to 2030 to determine likely future demand for different types of older peoples housing, and future tenure needs. We also carried out a thorough audit of existing sheltered and extra care provision to determine how far it was fit for purpose, whether some provision could be feasibly re-modelled or modernised, and to assess the future potential of each scheme.


We advised the Council to take one of two overarching strategic positions: either creating a wholly renewed housing offer to older people in the area; or a less radical offer that retained the best of existing sheltered provision. In addition, we gave a set of clear recommendations for the short, medium and long term.

The Council opted to work towards completely renewing their housing offer to older people, and commissioned us to support them in developing the business case for this option to be taken to their Members. Work is currently ongoing, but so far the Council is developing a new 50-bed extra care scheme to use as an exemplar with which to demonstrate the potential outcomes of a large-scale programme renewal.

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