Mandy Samrai

Many SamraiBackground:

Mandy is a merger and transformation professional with over 22 years’ experience in the public sector who supports Executive Teams to deliver complex strategic change and business transformation.  She is a confident leader who is highly skilled at working with individuals and groups to implement change, improve communication and increase performance.

Mandy’s  transformation experience includes large scale programme management, quality assurance and supplier management. She has extensive experience in problem solving and delivering complex strategic change projects (technical and non-technical) which involve working across multiple teams and businesses.  Mandy’s experience includes Mergers, Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, Regulatory Compliance, Estate Regenerations and Stock Transfers.

Mandy was appointed as a JP in 2008 and was Deputy Bench Chair during 2016-17. She is also a member of the Magistrates in the Community Group which provides learning opportunities for schools, colleagues and local interest groups on the Justice system.

Example projects:

  • Mandy led on her first merger in 2007 between Moat and Bourne. In 2016 she was Lead Consultant on the L&Q, Hyde and East Thames merger. She also supported the AmicusHorizon and Viridian merger.
  • In February 2017 she was asked to work with Hyde’s Executive Team to drive a culture of transformation within Hyde and implement an effective Governance and PMO structure. In July 2017 she was worked with Maidstone Borough Council to support the creation of a new Community Protection Team and transform customer services.

Key areas of work:

Mergers/Growth/Business Transformation/Innovation

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