Keith Wrate


Keith has nearly 40 years’ experience in social housing, the last 24 of which have been as Director and CEO. His roles have covered a wide range functions at strategic level to include development, asset and programme management, maintenance, regeneration and housing management. He has served on the boards of two Registered Providers and is a Charity Trustee.

He has spent the last 14 years as an interim manager and consultant, helping a number of Organisations achieve their strategic objectives.

Keith was elected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing in 1999.



Example projects:

  • Maintaining operational delivery KPIs across both Housing and Property functions including lettings, neighbourhood management, income recovery, community engagement, planned and responsive repairs, compliance and investment at a time of restructure, policy and strategy review and performance improvement.
  • A lead member of the team supporting the executive post-Grenfell to ensure business as usual in the delivery of key compliance and capital programmes.
  • Responsible for improving the performance of responsive, planned, cyclical maintenance and major works projects, restructuring the compliance and other delivery teams and delivery of the development programme.
  • Responsible for the delivery of a comprehensive housing service to 5,300 customers whilst addressing key areas of governance and performance raised as part of a DSD (Dept for Social Development) inspection. The final inspection recorded a ‘satisfactory’ rating with development funding restored.
  • Responsible for the delivery of a comprehensive housing service whilst leading on key strategic projects following a number of poor inspection results. As a result of this work, the regulatory judgement was changed, to ‘viable and properly governed’ with funding restored.

Key areas of work:

Staff restructure and TUPE negotiations/Performance Improvement/Policy and Strategy Review/System and Procedural reviews/Business plans/Finance/Asset Management/Stock Rationalisation/Group Structures/Mergers and acquisitions

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